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About us

At the end of 2018, the idea of ​​the "smoked egg" crossed our path. The idea is originally from Australia and is in the hands of the Kos family. They have discovered and further developed the cold smoking technique on their free range chicken farm. The process has now been refined and with the right temperature, humidity and smoke volume you will get a very tasty smoked egg.

In May 2019 we (Gijsbert & Annegien Bos) took the plunge and brought the idea to Europe. We started from our backyard in Brabant, the Netherlands. Smoking eggs in a prototype smoker we built ourselves. We spent evenings and weekends trying and testing. The smoker was built under the children's playhouse ;-).
It didn't take long to get the hang of it. It was just a time-consuming hobby.

Our family, friends and acquaintances became guinea pigs. With our hotelschool background, we have many catering professionals and foodies within reach. So they all had to try and test the eggs. We always had a box of eggs in the car, because you never know who you will meet one day. And so we expand our reach. Until the first customers showed up.

In September 2019 we decided to build a professional smoker. It was taken into use in July 2020. A strange time to start a company focused on food service, but we did not know that in September that year before.

As a start-up in Covid-19 time with a business plan aimed at the hospitality industry, it is occasionally tough. But this smoked egg is so delicious that we have done everything we can to get it to the foodlovers. The first steps towards retail have been taken. We are therefore extremely grateful to our customers for their confidence in our product. From beautiful shops, restaurants that have been converted into delis and the introduction to the online world. We love it and are very proud.

We continue our mission, the smoked egg on everyone's table. So that this beautiful, ancient product can be enjoyed even more.


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