A Smoked Egg is a daily egg with an unique surprising taste. The cold-smoked eggs are a real innovation.

The Smoked Egg Company (Australia) has the world patent on an advanced smoking technique that stops the age-ing process. This process is a game-changer in the food industry because laboratory tests indicate no bacteria at 18 weeks of age compared to the normal egg held in the same environment shows 250 million bacteria, which means our cold-smoked eggs stay as fresh as the day they were laid.

You can use the smoked eggs like 'normal' eggs. Bake them, poach them or use them as a base for your favorite mayonaise, hollandaise sauce or quiche. Your dish will have a surprisingly different taste.

Or try your 'good old' pavlova recipe with Smoked Raw Eggs and steal the show at your next diner party.

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