Smoked Egg

A Smoked Egg is a normal 'daily' egg with an unique taste. Thru a cold smoking process, the eggs get a refined smoke taste and smell. The eggs stay raw, so they can be used in all kind of ways.

Shelf life

The Smoked Egg Company (Australia) has the world patent on an advanced smoking technique that stops the age-ing process. This process is a game-changer in the food industry because laboratory tests indicate no bacteria at 18 weeks of age compared to the normal egg held in the same environment shows 250 million bacteria, which means our cold-smoked eggs stay as fresh as the day they were laid.


Eggs, eggproducts and the range of eggs has been the same for years. Never has there been a real innovation on a normal raw egg. Whether you have free-range eggs or organic eggs. The taste is all the same. The only differentiation is based on animal welfare or the environment.

There is an increasing need for meat substitutes and an egg is a good alternative. The taste is just so limited that it is not widely used as a meat substitute. The Smoked Eggs bring change.



Through a precise alignment of time, humidity and smoke volume, we create a wonderful aroma and taste of smoke in the egg. The smokey taste is full, but not predominant. It is delicious as a poached egg, cooked or fried. But also processed in mayonnaise, aioli, brownies or hollandaise sauce. The possibilities are endless.

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